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God is Sovereign

So, what was the point of that huge long post about my son.

First, I was prompted to write it after reading an article that said preemies born before 28 weeks gestation are taking up NICU beds that could be used babies who have a greater chance of survival or less of a chance of being disabled.

My response is: All babies, no matter what their gestational age, have a right to prompt and quality medical services. All babies, regardless of their gestational age or disability status have a right to live -- or at least a right to fight for life.

Secondly, my son barely made it to 29 weeks. Remember all the drugs I was on? There was a chance he could have been born at 22 weeks. While I know that viability status is generally conferred upon babies who reach 24 weeks gestation, there are cases where younger babies survived.

Had some doctor tried telling me that my son's bed was needed for another baby and they would not help him because there was no chance or little chance for survival, I might have ended up in jail.

The idea that a disabled child or a child wo is going to be more medically expensive is absolutely disgusting. Thank you pro-choicers for helping society come to the place where our weakest and smallest members are now expendable.

The other reason for that HUGE post was to remind me of God's sovereignty.

Ultimately, it was God's decision as to when we got pregnant. It was God who decided when Eddie was born. And, it was/will be God's timing as to when all those medical bills will finally be paid. (That last one is a rant for another day.)

It would not have mattered if we had been using birth control methods. As our pastor's wife said the other week, "God is in charge of conception." If God could make Sarah get pregnant, as old as she was, surely he can make someone on the pill or using condoms get pregnant -- if HE so desires.

As far as the prematurity... I did everything I was supposed to. In fact, the doctors said my low-lying placenta and polyhydramnios were idiopathic. That means there was no KNOWN cause. Again, that experience, as wretched as it was, was part of God's plan.

The bills... well, He has promised to supply all my needs, so...

The point is that I need to trust him no matter what. Even if I don't trust him, His Will will still be done. It just makes my life a little easier when I trust Him.


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