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My Eddie Bear

So is my Eddie Bear my hubby or my son since they share the same name?

Ed, my hubby, is sweetie pie. He calls me sweetie pie too. We are that sappy couple that annoys everyone else. I love it though.

Eddie is my Eddie Bear.

Why? Lots of reasons.

Being apart from him while he was in the NICU was absolute torture. I would go out shopping and cringe when I saw new moms or women who were obviously past 35 weeks gestation.

When I would visit him though, my heart would melt.

I was mad too. I had done everything right. I knew personally people who drank, smoked and did other questionable things while they were pregnant and they carried to term. And when the doctor told me that there was no known cause for the particular issues I dealt with that lead to Eddie Bear's pre-term delivery, well, that was just a big fat kick in the teeth.

When I held him at the hospital, I was in my own little Heaven on Earth.

Back to the NICU though. Eddie was hooked up to a ventilator, an IV, an apnea and bradycardia monitor and a pulse-oximeter. Probably a few more things too. He was being fed intraveneously at first and was only receiving lipids and sucrose water.

But, when I pumped my milk for him for fifteen minutes every 2-3 hours every day, I knew he would be getting everything he needed to grow strong and healthy.

Eddie couldn't be heard when he cried because of the vent and I couldn't hold him for the longest time. He was constantly being poked and prodded. His IV site had to be changed every few days or so. He had IVs in his ankle, arms, hands and in his HEAD!!!

When I kissed his head, I felt like I was kissing his and my aches and pains away.

Eddie Bear was a trooper though. He never gave the nurses any problem -- at least none that they told me about. He ate as much as they would allow him to eat and he never suffered any serious complications.

When he smiled in his sleep, I couldn't help but giggle.

When he was finally allowed home, 6 weeks after his birth, I just wanted to snuggle him. That's when he became Eddie Bear.

Throughout my pregnancy I had referred to him as Bubba or Little Eddie. Then, after he was born, he was my little sinner. He's been called Mr. Stinky Pants (with good reason), Turkey Butt, Pumpkin and probably a few other names that are slipping my mind. Now before anyone gets on my case, each name was absolutely meant with love.

I think Eddie Bear is a good name though. It's the best name. He loves to snuggle (maybe too much). He's got nice round cheeks and pudgy little arms like a teddy bear does. Yeah, I think I'll keep my Eddie Bear.


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