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I Should Jus Rename My Blog

To the "Trusting God Blog."

Seriously. It seems that everytme I turn around I'm babbling about trusting God. Not that that's a bad thing.

It's funny (or not); I start to *think* I trust God in some area of my life and then something else pops up to prove me wrong. No matter the issue though, it always boils down to the issue of trust.

Do I trust God to handle our finances and to provide for our needs?
Do I trust God with my heart enough so that no matter how hard the heartbreak I still carry on?
Do I trust God enough to be obedient, even if that means we could end up back in hell... er... Florida? (THAT is a tough one.)
Do I trust God for my salvation? If I can't trust Him for this, then why shoud I trust Him for the rest of the stuff?
Do I trust God enough that whether or not I see my parents or my own children come to know Christ, I carry on?

That last one is a tough-y too. I know that I can't KNOW this side of Heaven who is saved/elect and who isn't. It sure would be nice to know if my parents, brothers, grandma, uncles, friends, SON, etc... were saved/God's elect.

There's been much talk around the blogosphere lately about infants who die and the eternal destination of their souls. I can't imagine miscarrying a baby or losing a child period. I would imagine that such grief is the hardest to overcome because you never really get to know what you lost. Truly, my heart goes out to those who have lost a child or children.

It seems as though some people have been hurt by people saying that there is no guarantee that a child who dies in infancy is in Heaven. I can understand how that would hurt. I'd probably have words with someone who said such a thing to me during my time of grief (which I imagine for a mother never ends).

Here's my thought though... Truthfully Scripture does NOT say what happens to those infants. I know there is some talk about David's child, but was David hoping and trusting God or did David KNOW that his child was with God?

Now, before you throw tomatoes at me, let me finish. If Scripture does not clarify what happens to those infants and if we know that we all are born with a sin nature and if we believe in sola scriptura, then is it not adding to Scripture to say one way or the other what happens to those infants? I would think so.

Here's the thing though... Titus warns us against arguments that are useless. This is one of those useless arguments. We CAN'T know, but we CAN trust God with the outcome.

Ultimately, God knows what will bring Himself the most glory. He alone knows who will be with Him in eternity. He simply wants us to trust Him -- even with the eternal state of our child's soul. Trusting Him should be enough. It should be all we need.

Now, here's my disclaimer: I mean absolutely NO bad thoughts towards anyone on either side of the argument. I am not intending to minimize the grief process or the pain incurred by the loss of a child. I simply mean to encourage those who have lost a child to trust God with their child(ren), both living and not.

I have put on my flame-proof suit, but please be gentle with me. :)


Blogger Carrie said...

I think trusting God is a big issue for everyone. I know it has been a struggle for me. But as I keep trusting him more and more with the smaller stuff, there is such a peace about things and it becomes easier to trust him with the big stuff.

I have a long way to go and I goof up, but he is still faithful. And that is so cool.

I read the articles at Challies about what happens to infants when they die. I agree with you, scripture does not seem firm on the answer. I don't think you'll get flamed for saying that. At least I would hope not.

Nice post!

6:57 AM

Blogger Shawnda said...

You were quite sensitive : ) I've never lost a that might be easy for me to say. I have, although, had several very dear friends who have lost children....and I think they would hear your heart and agree with you in this post!

And I'm with you on the issue...I think most reformed people would be?? God is sovereign and God is good, and worthy of trust! Good thoughts! Oh...and trusting God....I'm learning EVERY day how much I do NOT trust Him : ( Grace, grace - it's all that sustains me!!! He is so kind to keep us!!!!

10:27 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

shawnda and carrie -- thanks for stoppin' by.

i have lots of thoughts/ideas/beliefs that are not always easy to swallow or say. i try so hard to not offend, but sometimes, more often than not, i fail.

can't wait to get to heaven where my tongue will no longer be an issue.

11:44 AM


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