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Just HOW Far Will A Jar Of Babyfood Go?

I don't mean how many meals will one jar of babyfood last. I mean how far will a jar of babyfood go -- specifically the contents of said jar -- when the jar rolls off the table at the food court in a mall.

Tonight I decided that since it was just me and Eddie for dinner, we would eat at the mall. I don't like eating alone and while technically, I was still alone at the mall, there were other adults around.

I ordered my dinner and chose a table. I got Eddie situated in a high chair and we began our dinner. Silly me forgot Eddie's spoons for his dinner so he had to eat with an adult-size plastic fork. Translation: Eddie's face was a mess.

We finished our dinner and I started to clean up our mess. Eddie had a fit of the giggles while he had a mouth FULL of apricots which meant my shorts, the table and the high chair were splattered with apricots. I got that cleaned up and put the *NEAR* empty jar of apricots in the paper bag containing the rest of my trash. I took my hand off the bag and turned towards Eddie.


The bag hadleaned just enough to allow the *NEAR* empty jar of apricots to fall onto the floor. The jar broke open and apricots went everywhere.

Let me clarify what I mean by everywhere. Apricots were on the floor right next to our table. They were on the floor clear on the other side of the table in front of ours. And yes, they were even on the man sitting at the table in front of ours.

Color me embarrassed.

Lesson learned... Always pack Eddie's food in those handy dandy little baby disposable food containers.


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