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In His Own Time

My son is a perfect example of one who marches to the beat of his own drum. He does things when HE wants and that's that. He won't take any flak from anyone about it either.

I should have known that being Eddie's mommy would be an interesting ride when he came busting onto the scene 11 weeks early. But I allowed myself to imagine a child who would do things right when I expected them and in order. HA! Joke was on me.

When Eddie started rolling over, he rolled from front to back first. Everything I had read said that babies roll from back to front first. Not my son. He hated being on his belly so why on Earth would he roll onto his belly intentionally?

Then, he started walking while holding our hands in April. He was only 8 months old actual age and about 6 months old adjusted age. He had never crawled or scooted or anything like that. He just wanted to hold our hands and walk.

Teeth... babies are supposed to get bottom teeth first, right? Not Eddie. His top teeth came in first. He has his four front teeth and now he's getting molars. Where are the rest of his teeth?

He's been cruising for a few months now but when we try to encourage him to stand, he just sits down. He doesn't want to stand.

Feeding Eddie is always a delightful chore. Especially when he decides he's NOT going to eat what you made him, but that he is going to eat your food instead or that he's going to feed the dog or drink water or clean his high chair tray. Have you ever tried to put a spoonful of food in the mouth of a child who is violently shaking his head "no" while pointing to your plate and demanding your food? Loads of fun, I tell ya.

Ya know, now when I put several foods in front of him, he points after each bite to tell me what he wants for the next bite. And Heaven forbid I should try to trick him and put something else on his spoon. He's too smart for that.

He started scooting a little while ago. We assumed he would never crawl because he hated being on his belly so much. Well today, after months of walking holding our hands and months of scooting and a few months of cruising, Eddie decided to crawl. Go figure.

He's such a little turkey. I love him to pieces, strong will and all. I can already see though that he and I will probably butt heads more than a few times. I wonder where he got all this strong will from. Certainly, it couldn't have come from me, right?


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