re·form: (r-fôrm) v. re·formed, re·form·ing, re·forms v. tr. 1. To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition. 2. To cause (a person) to give up harmful or immoral practices; persuade to adopt a better way of life.
ma·ma or mam·ma also mom·ma: n. (also m-mä) Informal. Mother.


Mel Gibson's Tirade

I think he's a fake who's been outed.

I suspect that he made the Passion of the Christ for money and fame and all that, but I doubt he made it because he really was all that concerned about getting the Gospel message out there. Otherwise, I suspect he would have stopped making some of the vulgar movies he's made and the Passion would have been more biblically accurate. True, he did only use Scripture *for the dialogue* but there were other things in the movie that were wrong. And how much money did he make from that?

He hasn't changed his ways. He's still a drunkard -- obviously. And apparently he hates Jews. While alcohol can make you lose control over the things you say, it can't make you say things that aren't already in your heart.

When Christ truly grabs ahold of a person's life, they change. Sometimes it's a gradual change, other times it's not so gradual. I've seen no change in good ole Mel. Not that I am up close and personal with him, but there would be some evidence of a renewed life. Know what I mean.

So do you think I'm judgemental now? Sorry. I don't mean to offend. I just call it as I see it.


Blogger Happymama said...

Good post. I don't keep up with the news on celebs and such, but I did hear about this today when hubby and I visited a local shop.

Nice testimony for someone claiming to be a Christian, huh??


12:05 AM

Blogger Carrie said...

This was not surprising to me. That is all I will say.

7:21 AM

Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

It disappointed me too......
I was hoping that maybe he'd really changed, but no. I think you're on the money, no pun intended.

9:27 PM


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