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Where Did My Baby Go?

It seems that my son who used to be so cuddly and who wanted me around all the time is changing his ways. *sniff*

Feeding him babyfood and table food is now a challenge. I have to guess what he wants -- pureed stuff or table food -- it changes from bite to bite. Sometimes he wants to feed himself. Sometimes he wants to eat from the spoon that I hold. Sometimes he wants me to feed him with my fingers. I'm always guessing with him.

It also seems as though he is wanting to play independently more and more now. He gets fussy whenever anyone holds him for more than a few minutes. He wants his feet on the ground at all times now. I'm guessing that's so that when he finally figures out the walking thing he ca take off running and never stop. As energetic as he is, I would not be the least bit surprised if that's exactly what happened. *sniff sniff*

He doesn't give hugs anymore when I ask. He just looks at me like I'm crazy and grins. Sometimes he bops up and down, but that's it.

He's not even 1 yet -- not actually and not his adjusted age. It's not fair that he's changing so fast. He's supposed to stay a baby forever, right? Okay, maybe not stay a BABY, but he's supposed to want to cuddle and play with mommy and eat and all that forever. Or is that just my own little dream world.

I can see that I am *CLEARLY* going to have issues when he is old enough to fall in love and run off and get married (of course, he's not allowed to do that until he's 35). I'll homeschool him through college just to keep him here. :) Kidding.

Maybe it won't be so bad if we just keep having babies so that there is ALWAYS a baby in the house. lol! Kidding. Sort of.


Blogger Jennifer said...

My little guy is 2 now. He was never a big lap baby, and also wanted to get down and play. But he is very sweet. He'll be running around and stop to "hug" or "kiss" he says as he grabs me.

9:11 PM

Blogger mammasquiettime said...

Oh Mama,
I am so with you and feeling everything! I have an 18 month old and a almost 7 month old. We went to visit my family in WA a couple weeks ago and there was a 10 week old across the aisle. I got teary eyed because my two little ones will never be that little again.
I can't help but think that I'll feel this way at different moments for the next 20 years!

10:36 PM


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