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Short Lessons In Motherhood

Over the past year I've learned a thing or two. Can you believe that? After all these years it seems that I am still teachable. :)

Now most of what I've learned is not anything Earth-shattering or even new, but it's all new to me and it's all stuff I think expecting mom should know.

Lesson 1. Sleep when the baby sleeps. This is the absolute MOST important lesson in motherhood. Fail this lesson and it's likely you won't survive the first year. I am not good at just chillin' when stuff needs to be done, so a nap with the baby was quite the novel idea for me.

Lesson 2. Stop worrying about keeping the house perfect. As soon as you finally get it clean (in between all the diaper changes and feedings) the baby will knock over the open box of cheerios or will spit up all over your freshly cleaned floor. Or, worse yet, your hubby will come home. Besides... why spend time cleaning when you could be cuddling that new baby?

Lesson 3. Do try to at least get a shower everyday. Your hubby will thank you and you'll feel better about yourself. You don't need to bother with fancy clothes though because oyu'll have pee poop or spit up on them within about 5 minutes of putting them on. Who knew I'd even consider not showering for a day?

Lesson 4. Relax. I wish someone would have told me this earlier. Seriously. I am surprised I didn't drop dead from a heart attack as much as I worried. Your baby will survive. You will survive. Your baby is more durable than you think. You *probably* won't break him.

Lesson 5. Find some older women who can help you through the transition to mommy-hood. I didn't have this. My mom is not in the picture and I don't really have anyone in real life to help me out in those oh-so-practical ways. You may think you can manage and all that, but there will come a time when you have a "dumb" question, like, "why won't he burp?" or "what's the best way to not get peed on during a diaper change?" Not to mention, older women are great for holding babies when your arms get tired. ;)

So those are my five lessons in motherhood. Like I said, nothing too special, but important nonetheless.


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

And then one day you'll be like me....begging them NOT to give up naps because you no longer have an excuse to nap yourself!!!

:) All your advice was spot-on and so true.

8:53 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

lindsey -- this was stuff i learned the hard way. someone really should write a book with REAL advice to new moms!

10:37 AM


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