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Spider's Gone... I think.

At least I hope he is, of course, I keep "feeling" him crawling on me.

I hate spiders. I reckon they serve a purpose though...


Last night as I was struggling to drift off to sleep I found myself thinking about the nurses that cared for me and Eddie last year.

I had NEVER been in the hospital for any reason, so or me to have been in and out a few times within just a few months was kind of a shock for me. The hardest thing was to be told that I couldn't do anything besides lay there, talk and eat. That was it. That meant someone else was bringing me a bowl and my toothbrush. Someone else was making my food. Someone else was emptying the catheter bag. Someone else cleaned up after my "messes."

Never have I been surrounded by so many wonderful, compassionate people.

Then I got to know the nurses who worked the NICU. Amazingly, they were even more kind and compassionate than the nurses who cared for me.

It seems to me that often nurses get short-changed. They do the hardest work, are the most caring people and get paid less than the doctors who are only around the patient when absolutely necessary.

I wish I had the means to offer some gift to the nurses we had last year. For now, my most sincere thanks will have to do.


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Write a letter to the hospital if you can remember names. I did this for one of the sweetest nurses who took care of Marcy, and I later found out that they keep track of these letters in the HR department and sometimes reward them with time off, awards, extra incentives, etc.

:) Nurses are a wonderful thing...a good nurse that is. When I was on bedrest in the hospital I had nurse Wratchet who never smiled and barked at me for moving too much.

But most nurses are wonderful happy people!

8:59 PM


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