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Mommy Brag Time

Okay, I KNOW everyone else's child will learn or has already learned to eat on his or her own, but I'm still gonna brag on Eddie Bear.

When he was in the hospital they fed him my milk first through a tube that went down his nose and into his belly, then through a bottle. Finally they let me nurse my son. When he came home he still got a bottle so that I could give him his meds. Once he no longer needed the meds I had no need to give him a bottle. Ed tried a few times to feed Eddie with a bottle, but since maybe April Eddie has refused a bottle. He also only took a paci for about a month or two.

YAY -- fewer things for me to worry with later and fewer things for me to wash. :)

He's ALWAYS been a great eater. Even the lactation consultant at the NICU noted how well he took to nursing on the first attempt. I have NEVER seen the boy turn down food.

When Eddie started solid food he immediately -- as in the first solids feeding -- took the spoon from me and got mad when I tried to feed him. Gosh, I wonder where he got that independence from? lol!

Anyway... I decided I'd let him have the spoon as long as I also had a spoon and could sneak bites in so I could make sure he was eating. I figure this is not a battle worth fighting, besides, he needs to learn to feed himself one day, right.

He's been on solid food for a while now. Lately he's getting better about using the spoon and drinking from a cup. He knows where the food goes on the spoon and will suck it off of there, then he chews on the handle.

As for the cup... he does great, as long as I help him. Today I decided to let him try the cup without my help. He did alright until he tipped the cup too far and spilled water all over him and the floor. (Don't worry, it was a small amount fo water.)

I took some pictures today during lunch so I could show off my good little eater. Today's menu included boiled chicken and some pureed squash -- oh and Cheerios of course. The last photo is his rear after he spilled the water all over everyhting. HA!


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Reece STILL cannot drink from a cup and he's two and a half!!! I need to be more concrete in my efforts with that boy.

Eddie is such a cutie. I love his expressions.

8:09 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

Ya know... i think eddie is just on a fast track for everything. he can't wait to pet teh dog drink from a cup, eat, be born, etc... i'm never gonna get a rest. HA!!

his expressions... he is an absolute ham. loves th ecamera.

10:36 PM


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