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It's Easy For Me...

It's really easy for me to sit back and pick apart things that I see that are wrong. You know... things like girls at church dressing inappropriately, someone spreading gossip, the preacher not using the Bible as much as I think he should, etc...

Unfortunately, I have been cursed with a critical spirit. It's a battle i struggle with daily. Things are right or wrong in my world. There are few shades of grey, let alone any other color. Sometimes that's good and okay, other times it's problematic.

Anyway... I can easily list 10,000 things I see wrong with my church, though I love my church dearly and would not think of leaving there. Funny how when I start to gte nit-picky, God has a way of reminding me why I love my church.

Before my hubby and I got hitched, I met several ladies at our church. I lived in another city, so we had not been attending church together. Anyway... these ladies just welcomed me with open arms. They were the most loving people I had ever met. They still are.

While our church is not perfect, I can say that our church is one that loves. We love people. We love the Lord.

Today I was reminded of that love. I watched as a teen-aged girl who is pregnant was loved on, not condemned as she would be in many churches. Now, her sin is not or has not been validated or excused or anything like that. But the church recognizes that sometimes people know what they've done is wrong and they need to be encouraged to continue back on the RIGHT path, not pushed away and onto the wrong path.

Those kind of things encourage me. Those things, and hugs from people I like. ;)


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I thought it was beautiful is only by the grace of God that it didn't happen to me. I've got a critical spirit too about so many things (most of the same things you mentioned!) I really need prayer in that area!

8:01 AM

Blogger T. Suzanne Eller said...

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Thanks SO much for stopping by

T. Suzanne Eller

8:15 AM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

Lindsey -- me too. I so could have been her.

Thanks for the info Suzanne.

10:16 AM

Blogger Shawnda said...

I totally struggle with a critical spirit....or uncharitable thoughts as well : ( It's something that has been coming up more and more lately....and the Lord showing me more and more how ugly it is....and not of His Spirit! I just read chapter 8 in Humility by CJ Mahaney, and it's on Seeing Evidences of Grace in Others....CONVICTING!!!!! I highly recommend the book....and that chapter in particular! : )

thanks for sharing your heart....and about the girl that your church embraced! Praise the Lord for humble servants that don't put themselves on a pedastool! We have all fallen short!!!! And like you said, it doesn't excuse sin, but sin doesn't need to be rubbed in our faces either! The Spirit is powerful and does a fine job of convicting and changings us!!! : ) Praise Him!

2:56 PM


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