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Summer Sippin'

Summer Sippin'
Since it's summertime and there is nothin' quite like sittin' on the front porch sippin' an ice cold drink on a sultry southern night, I thought I'd share a recipe for ice cold lemonade.

I know, you can buy pre-made lemonade at the store or you can buy that kool-aid stuff in lemonade flavor, but those are just not quite the same thing as fresh squeezed lemonade.

Here's my favorite lemonade recipe.

Ingredients:1-3/4 cups of sugar
8 cups water
1-1/2 cups of lemon juice (variable)

Tools you'll need:
1 small pot1 gallon pitcher
1 measuring cup
1 juicer (or you can squeeze by hand)
1 spoon for stirring

1. Put the sugar and one cup of the water in the pot and heat until the sugar dissolves. The water will look clear once the sugar is dissolved.
2. Juice your lemons. This is the hard part. I use medium sized lemons and it usually takes about 6 lemons to get the amount of juice I want. The amount of lemon juice you use can vary depending upon how tart or how sweet you like your lemonade.
3. Combine the juice, sugar water and water in the pitcher and stir.
4. For added effect, I Put spirals of the lemon peel in the lemonade.
5. Serve over a tall glass of ice and enjoy.


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Just got mine up...we've been gone all day long. Love your lemonade recipe Bev, I am going to try it this week. My kids will not know what to do without having the koolaid version, this has to be so much yummier!

7:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!
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9:02 PM


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