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Father's Day -- 2006

I "made" Ed take the day off work. He rarely gets a full day off. That stinks for so many reasons. I think he enjoyed his day though and that makes me happy.

We went to church where he and Eddie were a hit with their shirts that read "big guy" and "little guy." Ed is so proud of Eddie. He wouldn't let me take Eddie except to feed him. Of course, that was also partly because he didn't want to be standing around wearing a shirt that said, "big guy" with no little guy in sight. :)

After church we headed to the NC Zoo in Asheboro. Boy was it hot!! We had a blast though. Eddie didn't sleep at all during our visit, but he didn't get cranky either.

Eddie is not really to the point where he is interested in the animals yet. He does love to people watch though. We did get a few lucky shots though where it looks like Eddie is pointing to the animals, so...


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Oh give it a few years and he'll be dragging you all over the zoo, wanting to see the polar bears swim for the ump-teenth time!

2:14 PM


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