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A Toast To Glenn: the best girlfriend a guy could be

HA! (I had to say it Glenn... I knew it would make you cringe.)

A few weeks ago I decided to search on blogger for my old friend Glenn. To my surprise, I found him. I honestly don't think I've ever been more excited to find someone rom my past.

So who in the world is this Glenn?

Way back in the dark ages (my high school days) I was friends with Tiffany. Tiffany's brother was friend's with Glenn. That's how Glenn and I met.

Had it not been for Tiffany, I doubt I would have ever known Glenn existed. He was/is a few years older than me and went to a rival high school.

Glenn was the kind of guy every girl just loves. He didn't care that I was dirt poor and had bad hair. He didn't mind going to the mall. Of course, when we went to the mall, he would pretend like he was interested in buying expensive jewelry and would get the salesperson all excited only to tell them he wasn't interested in buying anything. :)

Glenn looked out for me -- or tried to. And Glenn never took advantage of our friendship.

Anyway... Glenn and I formed this great friendship. He introduced me to some people from his school and I actually ended up dating one of those guys. What a mistake THAT was! Glenn tried to tell me that the guy was wrong for me, but I wouldn't listen. Lucky for me I had a crush on the guy's brother, so I wasn't too heartbroken when we broke up.

Glenn and I would spend our time fishing at Ft. DeSoto or going to hole-in-the-wall restaurants and trying not to step on ducks. HA -- remember that? LOL.

Then tragedy struck, Glenn's mom passed away. I remember that so well. I was heartbroken for Glenn. I was also heartbroken when I learned he would be going to Arizona to stay with his dad for a while. Glenn didn't let me down though. He wrote to me letters detailing his experiences in Mexico and his encounters with Gila Monsters. It wasn't too terribly long before Glenn was back in St. Pete and all was right with the world again.

When he returned he had a gift for me; a leather keychain that said, "bomber." My knickname back then was "The Blonde Bomber." I still have that keychain.

We continued to hang out, but I started dating some psycho guy. Seriously, the guy was SKEERY!!! Glenn tried once again to tell me to ditch the guy and that he didn't like him, but I was stubborn and didn't listen. I should have. That guy and my going fof to USF is what eventually lead to me and Glenn losing contact with each other.

Now Glenn is living in Alaska with his wife and the mooses (why isn't that "meese"?) Maybe he'll find Ed a pilot job there and he and Ed can meet. Or, since h's inde[pendently wealthy (ha ha!) maybe he could fly us out there for a vacation. HA! From what I hear, he can afford only the finest in furniture, so surely he could afford some airfare.

Just kidding.

So, here's to Glenn, truly the best friend (aside from Ed) a girl could ever want.


Blogger Glenn & Dianne said...

Thank you very much. It was all true - Except for the part about being "independently wealthy". I spent all that money on a bed....

4:13 PM


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