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Eddie's First Year

Don't laugh. Ed and I write INTENTIONALLY bad cheesy poetry to each other. I figure Eddie should get in of the fun too. :)
Eddie's First Year

In the beginning Eddie was very, very small.
"Wimpy White Boy" is what he was called.
Tubes and wires and lights
were among our first sights.
That took us by surpise --
the sight before our eyes.
We just wanted our little boy
who we knew would bring us so much joy.
We waited and waited
with breath that was bated
for them to say,
"Eddie goes home today!"
When that day finally came,
we knew nothing would ever be the same.
Boy, were we right --
we've never experienced such delight!
The smiles and the coos
were worth all the sleepless nights and smelly poos!
The giggles and tears
make us look forward to the coming years.
He's grown so big and so strong;
he'll be walking before long;
then running, and jumping and singing a song...
In the beginning, Eddie was very, very small
then, he was not small at all.
As a side note... blogger's photo thing is a pain in the rear.


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