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Why Am I Not At Church?

Well, let me tell you...

Eddie did not sleep well last night, which meant he slept late today. Church is 15 minutes away and he woke up at 9:10 AM. Church starts at 10:30. I've given up on Sunday School for now. Ed's not here, so I had right at an hour to get myself and Eddie ready and fed and to church.

On top of all that, I need to get to church early because if I don't get there in time to get Eddie to sleep for naptime then I miss the sermon. My church, bless its heart, doesn't have speakers in a place where I could take Eddie and still hear the sermon when he's noisy. (I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY could rant on that and why that is, but I'll spare you.)

By the time we were ready to go, it was 10:20, so no point in even trying.

I know... that sounds bad. I am just frustrated. We really like our church, but feel like we don't fit there. But, we also feel like if we leave and go somewhere else, the few people we really care about there would "disown" us. I dunno.

Ideally I'd like a church that encourages parents to keep their children with them and that assists parents with that. I'd like a church that is more exegetical in it's preaching. I'd like a church where people my age are not so competitive (in general -- if you are reading this, you are not one of those people). I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses, unless I am made to feel like a lesser person because I don't even attempt to keep up.

Man, you guys are gonna think I'm a whiner after the past several blog posts. Sorry.


Anonymous Stacey said...

I understand the church thing. As much as I know that all churches have problems, and that there is no church that is perfect, I wonder sometimes if there isn't a "better fit" out there somewhere. It's just so hard to look.

2:27 PM

Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I hear tell that there is a family church that meets at the High Point YMCA. I am not sure on specifics. One of my homeschool peeps has the details, I'll find out.

I can so relate to what you are saying. That is all I need to say LOL :)

But like Stacey said above, each church has their own set of "problems". No perfect church around.

I live 5 minutes from our church as you know but we've been very absent lately due to our summer schedule.

2:49 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

Having kids can really change what you need in a church. That can be hard.

Being a mother of a baby can also make getting what you need out of a church difficult, at least that was/is my experience. I think as people's children get older they forget that so many churches aren't overly accomodating to mothers of little ones (not intentionally, just under the radar).

It will get better, unless you have a second then you are back to the beginning :)

2:52 PM

Blogger Carrie said...

BTW, I never think of these kinds of posts as whiny. We all have these types of feelings, it's nice to know we are not alone.

2:56 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

stacey -- thanks for dropping in. you are soooo right that no church is perfect. i won't relive our florida church hunt. lol!

lindsey -- i thought you might understand what i was saying. i just don't fit at reavis anymore. that makes me very sad.

carrie -- i think you are right. i don't think churches fail to accomodate moms intentionally. it just irks me that it happens.

in bible times they didn't even have nurseries -- at least not that i've ever read in the Bible. yet somehow, people were not distracted by small children and the Holy Spirit still fell.

children are not a distraciton, they are a blessing. know what i mean?

again... i'm sorry i've been so whiney lately. i've been home alone all week and have another week to go. is that a good enough reason? lol!

2:58 PM

Blogger Amanda said...

My sister and her family go to Legacy (the church that meets at the Y), and they really love it. I've met several of the families from there, and they are very friendly. Just a little plug!

(and *totally* understand about not fitting at a church...been there, done that. I went from a charismatic-type church to a pretty conservative reformed church too, so it was quite the change!)

6:17 PM


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