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NOT My Week

Earlier this week I managed to splatter a complete stranger with babyfood -- IN PUBLIC.

Yesterday, I managed to fatally wound our vacuum. Today, I tried to surgically repair said vacuum and the vacuum flatlined instead. How did all this happen? Well, let me tell you so that you can laugh at my idiocy.

A while back we bought one of those bagless vacuums. It was all the rage, ya know. "Just think about all the money you will save on bags," people were saying.

They were lying. While you may not be spending cold hard cash on vacuum bags, you would still be spending money on filters for your bagless vacuum. UN-cheap filters, might I add.

Well, I decided that instead of replacing the filter I just bought a week ago that was already ucky looking, I would rinse it off. Sounds good, right? Well, it worked. I rinsed it in the sink and sat it out to dry overnight.

Yesterday I prepared to do my daily vacuuming and put the filter back in place -- WITHOUT checking to see if it was dry. Idiot mistake #1. It vacuumed the livingroom great. Then I started on the hallway. There was black sludge coming from the bottom of the vacuum and it was starting to smell funny -- like something electrical. So I dd the proper thing and unplugged the vacuum.

Then I made idiot mistake #2. I decided that since Ed was not home, I would take the vacuum apart and let it dry out. In the course of doing so I failed to label where all the little screws went. That would be idiot mistake #3.

This morning I started putting it back together. What a mess. Finally I got all the screws back in place. I dunno if they were in the right place, but they were in place. I turned it on and the light flickered for a few seconds. That scared me, so I turned it off. Now it won't come back on.


Ed is gonna kill me. I left him a message on his cell telling him I broke the vacuum and asking him not to lecture me or be mad at me. :) I guess I could always tell him that I was helping him out. He's wanted to get rid of this vacuum practically since we got it. Now we have an excuse to buy a new one. All we need now is the moo-lah.


Blogger JenMom said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Although I hope your vacuum can be saved, I got a terrific deal on a great vacuum at Sam's Club a couple of months ago.

7:31 AM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

how funny... just yesterday i was surfing and stumbled on your blog. i was interested in reading about your triplet preemies. i don't remember leaving a comment -- i think eddie started to fuss. they are beautiful. :)

11:40 AM


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