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An Unpopular Opinion

Another message board that I frequent is having discussions concerning sex ed in schools and the new HPV vaccine that can prevent some forms of cervical cancer. Those who support sex ed. in the public schools can only argue that teens are going to have sex anyway, so they should be able t protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. I see from whence they come, but I do think they are wrong on so many counts.

First, teens don't have to have sex outside of marriage. They can wait -- if their parents and role models teach them valid reasons for waiting. In my opinion, the only valid reason for waiting is because God, who knows all and sees all, said so. He knows what's best for us far better than we do. To not wait is sin. Period.

Secondary to God's sovereignty is the reasoning behind His laws. Marriage is sacred. Sex within marriage is a blessing and is a wonderful thing. STDs and becoming an unwed parent are all risk factors when one engages in extra-marital sex. You get the idea.

Scaring your teen into not having sex won't work. Neither will, "Because I said so." Anecdotal arguments may work for a little while, but probably not.

Second, "safe" sex is NOT safe. STDs are still transmitted and girls still get pregnant. You give your children a flase sense of security when you hand them a box of condoms and tell them they can come to you with any questions regarding sex.

And now, for the unpopular opinion... Thirdly, when condoms and the like do work, you are interfering with the natural results of God's order. (Yes, I realize the implications this has for family planning.) If you sin, you deserve the consequences -- be they a guilty conscience or HPV or single parenthood.

Now, don't get me wrong, my heart breaks for those who suffer these consequences. And I realize that aside from God's grace, I would be in their shoes. I would and will gladly help any pregnant teen or anyone with an STD.

When you interfere with the natural consequences of sin, you start to etch away the law of God that is written on everyone's heart -- Christian or not. You eat away at the concept of personal responsibility. Folks, we are headed towards a skeeeery place when we do that. Think of a world where there are no consequences and no responsibility. Not a world where I want to live. you?


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

My girls will NOT be getting this vax. While I'm generally okay with vax'ing...this one scares me more than some of the others. If down the road there is enough proof that it is an absolute cure, then we'd consider it. My mom had endometrial and cervical cancer just 2 years ago. BUT.....even with that kind of history I'm not sold on the vax.

3:12 PM


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