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Just Let Me Have My chapstick

Okay, this is gonna be a vent of sorts. I'm not angry I just find certain things highly amusing and not really useful.

We are flying on Saturday to San Diego. Being the good little citizen that I am, I decided to check the TSA's website to make sure the I did not pack anything in the diaper bag that would get confiscated. I had already called the airline and they said babyfood would be okay as long as it was still sealed.

Anyway... the list only annoyed me. Why? Passengers are allowed to carry the following items on board:

corkscrew -- Can't that be deadly?
scissors shorter than 4" -- that could hurt.
tools and screwdrivers less than 7" in length -- uhhh... a screwdriver would surely hurt if shoved into my stomach or something like that.
and personal lubricants up to 4 oz. -- unless you plan on joining the Mile High Club (which is illegal), why would you need personal lubricant on the plane.

But I can't carry on my shampoo or CHAPSTICK! Grrrr! Shampoo; eh fine. I'll check it. Chapstick though, I am addicted. It is a MUST have. How will I survive the 5-6 hours of travel without access to my chapstick, especially with that dry air on the plane. It baffles me that personal lubricant is allowed on a plane, but chapstick is not. Perhaps I'll try to tell security that my Blistex is my personal lubricant. I do need it to keep my mouth moist. I doubt they'll buy that though.

This is all in the name of safety, right? Yeah, whatever. TSA, GW Bush, the National Guard, The Navy Seals, none of them can guarantee our safety. I don't think we should be all footloose and fancy-free when travelling, but let's be realistic when we make restrictions regarding what is and isn't allowed on a plane.

Screwdrivers and corkscrews are much more dangerous than chapstick and personal lubricant is really not necessary on a plane. So just let me take my stinkin' chapstick on the plane.


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