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My Son, The Drama King

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This was taken this evening after I caught Eddie faking sleep. Daddy gave him rides through the house on the back of his dumptruck in hopes of tiring the boy out. Lol!

I was going to blog about my anxiety. I read Lindsey's blog though and had decided to just sort of expand on that. However, my son is much more entertaining than my whining about anxiety, so I've decided to blog about him.

I've decided my son is an absolute turkey. He's definitely all boy. When I was pregnant I knew I was having a boy even before my sonogram. I craved "man foods" like steak, potatoes, slim jims, and beer. I have never ever ever enjoyed slammin' back a cold one. Beer tastes like what I would imagine pee to taste like. So, the fact that I was craving a beer kind of sealed it in my mind that Eddie was a boy.

When I found out for sure that Eddie was a boy, I had no idea what I was going to do. I've never been a boy and I don't know what boys like. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way. Afterall, if we were to have a girl, we'd be surrounded by pink stuff and that just is scary.

Eddie has certainly lived up to everything I expected a boy to be. He squirted poop all over me while he was still living in the incubator at the hospital. He's an adrenaline junkie. He loves to be flipped upside down and rough housed. He's determined and stubborn and fun. Try scheduling anything for the boy and he will do just the opposite of what you want him to do. He can't walk or crawl, but you can bet your bippy that he will scoot to you for a piece of food.

Now all of that is well and good. It just makes living with him all that much more entertaining. There is one thing I did not expect to have to deal with and that's the fact that the boy is an absolute drama king! Seriously.

He fakes coughing to get attention or something. He has even been known to fake a cry. I know he's faking because he stops at the drop of a hat. When he's fed something he doesn't want, he puts on this face that would make you think you just gave him a dog turd. Now, he's figured out how to get his food out of his mouth and over to the dog without me being able to tell that's what he's doing until it's too late.

Tonight though, the boy completely surprised me with his ability to fake sleep. Yep, you read that right. He can fake sleeping. He had been in bed about 45 minutes or so when he started to cry. Of course we went to check on him. I laid down next to him to nurse him back to sleep. Then he decided to play games.

Eddie wrapped his arms around my arm so that I could not get out of bed without disturbing him. Pretty smart, huh? Then, when he unlatched, I caught him a few times looking up at me to see if I was awake or not. When he saw that I was watching him, he closed his eyes real quick.

Every now and then he'd let out a little babble. Then he decided to roll over onto his stomach. When he did that he turned his head away from me. After a few minutes of him facing the other way he'd pop up and look at me and grin. Then he'd roll over and pretend to sleep again for another few minutes. After a few minutes of that I just let him get up. If I'm not tired I can't sleep, so why should I try to make Eddie sleep if he's not tired. Know what I mean?

Ed and Eddie played around a little bit and now Eddie is nursing off to dreamland -- I hope. I didn't have a clue what to expect with a boy and I was a little apprehensive about having a boy, but I wouldn't change it for all the world. He keeps me on my toes.


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He's a cutey!

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