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Pastor Must Read My Blog

And after he read my blog, he ate my lunch while stepping all over my toes.

And if Pastor doesn't read my blog (which I seriously doubt he does), then I would have to say that God must be trying to get something through my thick skull.

Why do I say that?

First of all, my last post in my blog was written after having had similar (completely random) conversations with three people during that same day.

Then this morning when we got to church I happened to looked through Ed's Bible. There was a note in there from the church we attended in FL. The note said, "Not know the future, No need to... Hebrews 11." Go read Hebrews 11. That's some good stuff.

There's a whole list of people who lived by faith and, according to verse 13, they had not received the things they were promised by the time they died. They saw them from a distance and admitted that they were strangers and aliens on Earth.

I thought, "Hmmm... interesting. Seems I was blogging about this the other day."

Then Pastor spoke -- after his wife sang The Peace Speaker. He spoke from Mark 4 -- the portion where he and the disciples are on the boat and a storm arises. Pastor specifically commented about how when we are in the midst of a storm (or in the valley) we tend to long for Heaven. Yeah, I thought the same thing -- "Pastor must have read my blog."

Later he was talking about when there's some bill looming over us and we have until 7 AM the next morning to pay for whatever it is or they are coming to take it away or whatever. He said, "It's real great when the night before a fellow Christian walks up to you and says, 'Brother, I sense there's a need. How much do you need?'" And the bill is taken care of.

Then he asked, "What are you gonna do when 8 AM the next morning rolls around and the bill hasn't been paid?" He suggested that we trust God to take care of all our needs -- even when we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. (That's the Bev paraphrase.)

And I don't even think he knows about Ed's student loan that comes due NEXT SUNDAY!!!! Or the fact that in a matter of just 2 weeks or so, Ed is jobless. Or that we have NO clue where to step next.

So, my only conclusion is that God is once again trying to get something through my thick skull. The sad thing is that the mesage is one that I *know* and even one that I've shared on here several times... "TRUST GOD."

Boy do I feel like an idiot.


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Bev, I thought of you sitting in church. Not the bill part mind you, just the trusting God part. I need to quit being so anxious myself, I really felt like he was speaking to me as well.

Guess there are alot of anxious, nervous folks out there.

3:13 PM


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