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Fad Christianity

Challies has a great post today on the trends within Christianity and how the outside world views those trends.

I was just thinking about this yesterday. I had heard the comment that if I punished my child by not letting them attend various church functions that I would be hindering them from coming to know Christ and from growing in their faith. I disagree.

Let me just say that while I think AWANA and Sunday School and stuff are fine, they are only meant to be a supplement to what Ed and I teach our child(ren) at home. Period. End of story.

If my child does something worthy of punishment that would include him not being allowed to do things such as camping with the youth group or ice skating or even youth camp, then that will be his punishment and I will not sit in condemnation over it.

Likewise, it is quite probable that Eddie will attend VBS at some point in his life. I have no problem with that. And should he make a profession of faith at VBS, I will be thrilled, but cautiously so. He will not be getting baptized two days after his profession of faith. I will want to know that he fully understands his decision and that the choice to be baptized isn't being influenced by the fact that all his buddies are also getting baptized.

I don't mean to bash VBS or anything like that -- not at all. I just think that the parents should be the main spiritual influences in the child's life. Know what I mean? I think we run the risk of giving too many children (and adults) "fire insurance" when we baptize them without having seen proof of God's working in their lives.

Anyway... I'm sure I will be bashed for this, but I firmly believe that parents are to lead their children spiritually.


Blogger Carrie said...

I totally agree that the parents are responsible for their children’s spiritual growth but unfortunately I think many parents today have no clue what to do. Especially parents who did not grow up in a solid Christian home.

Our church is expanding its children’s ministry and while I think that is good, I really thought they should focus on parenting classes first. Our Pastor has three older children who all know the Lord. That kind of experience is priceless in a way.

For every VBS there really should be a parent's version.

1:00 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

Carrie... i totally hear you. i did not grow up in a christian home at all. i am winging this whole parenting gig.

i also think that if the older women and men in the church were mentoring more this might be less of an issue.

11:28 PM


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