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I've Been Cursed

with a son who is JUST EXACTLY LIKE ME!

What's scarier is that Eddie has the personality traits that belong to Ed and to me. I admit, I am very, very, extremely stubborn. I get it honest. You've heard me mention my grandma, right? What's funny -- or not -- is that God paired me with a husband who is at least as stubborn as I am, if not moreso. And then, it would seem that God has blessed us with a son who appears to have inherited that trait.

This is gonna be a "fun" ride.

Let me give you a few examples of Eddie's personality.

First of all, before he was even born, he would give me fits. When I was in the hospital, drugged outta my wits on mag sulfate, Eddie would play hide and seek with the monitor. The nurses told me that usually the mag sulfate relaxes the babies too so they are not as active. Not Eddie. He was all over the place.

When he was in the NICU there were many times when I was holding him for a feed and the monitors would start to go off. He looked okay, but the nurses would have to come and check on him anyway. I cannot even begin to count the times when Eddie would smile *just* as the nurse got there. Seriously. It was as if even at that age he knew what he was doing.

The first time he ate food that was not breastmilk, he STOLE the spoon from me and shoved it into his mouth. He got mad if I tried to take the spoon. He got mad if I tried to help him. He got mad if there was no more food on the spoon. He wanted to feed himself and no one was going stop him.

His latest trick also involves food. He eats a lot of table food, but some pureed food too. He is not a picky eater. I could feed him something from the catbox and he'd probably eat it. He likes to eat.

Lately I'll offer him a variety of foods. It will be something like chicken, cheerios, cheese, green beans (pureed), pear dices, etc... Those are all foods he like just fine. He's decided though that if I put something on the spoon and feed it to him, he is going to spit it into his hand and feed it to himself. Why? Probably because HE wants to do it. Nevermind that there is a ton of finger foods right in front of him that he is ignoring.

What's funnier is that if I hold his hands so he can't take his food out of his mouth, he chews it like a nice young boy and smiles at me.

And, one minute the chicken is fine and the next, he's refusing to eat it. Why? because he can.

It's comical and not all at the same time. I mean how could I not laugh at this? Then I think about how he's gonna try me in the future and I get scared.

For now though, I'll just laugh that I have a son who appears to be just what my parents always wished on me -- someone just like me.


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