re·form: (r-fôrm) v. re·formed, re·form·ing, re·forms v. tr. 1. To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition. 2. To cause (a person) to give up harmful or immoral practices; persuade to adopt a better way of life.
ma·ma or mam·ma also mom·ma: n. (also m-mä) Informal. Mother.



Hust to clarify... I really want to re-iterate that i don't think there is anything wrong with VBS or AWANA or anything like that. I just don't intend on them being more than a supplement to what i teach my kids at home.


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I knew what you were saying. We use them as a supplement. VBS was wild...half the kids were WILD. I had to do more "damage control" with Cleo afterwards regarding behavior than if we had gone. But for some kids, VBS is ALL they get so I guess it is a good thing. In our house, most of the spiritual teaching is done at home.

9:22 AM

Blogger Jennifer said...

I agree, Devin will be starting Awanas in a few weeks, but for us it's more of a chance to socialize with other kids her age.

5:21 PM


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