re·form: (r-fôrm) v. re·formed, re·form·ing, re·forms v. tr. 1. To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition. 2. To cause (a person) to give up harmful or immoral practices; persuade to adopt a better way of life.
ma·ma or mam·ma also mom·ma: n. (also m-mä) Informal. Mother.



So after my last whiney post I decided I should post what I am thankful for, ya know, bing that tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all that jazz.

1. God's grace. Truly, I shudder to think about where I would be without God's grace. And He bestowed His grace upon me because of who He is, not because of anything I did to receive that. How could I not be thankful? How could I not stand in awe? How could I not worship Him?

2. My husband. Ed is absolutely amazing. I have no idea how he stands to live with me. If I were him, I would have run away screaming years ago. But, Ed is a man of his word and he promised to love me until death do us part. I believe him. Now granted, having to put up with me day in and day out may drive him to an early grave, but still...

3. My son. The thought of him just brings a smile to my face. He's THE cutest little boy around. (I hope that's not too horrible to think.) He laughs and talks and is about to walk and is doing all the things that boys his age should be doing. He's even doing some things he shouldn't be doing. While I absolutely hated the morning sickness and then the bedrest and pre-term labor medications, I would absolutely do it all over again for Eddie.

4. Provision. We have been provided for so many times when we thought we were at the end of the line. We've never *had* to worry about the food we eat or the clothes we wear or the place we live. That doesn't mean we haven't worried; we did because we lacked faith. BUT, God was faithful and like He cares for the birds and for the lilies, He has cared for us -- even moreso.

Those are the biggies for me. What are you thankful for this season?


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