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Told Ya So.

It's been confirmed, Eddie is indeed a genius.

I told ya so, just like I told the NICU nurses that my son is not a wimpy white boy.

Today was Eddie's 15 month check up. He's is now in the 10th percentile for weight and height. Not bad for someone who started out at a measley 2 lbs. He does like to eat. :)

Developmentally, he is caught up with his peers -- according to his actual age, not his adjusted age. They gave me the little checklist thingy to see what all he was doing. they told me to only bother with the 12-15 month section, but I read ahead anyway. Can't help it; it's in my nature to read ahead. :)

I have to say, my boy is doing nearly all the stuff on the 18 month checklist and several things on the 2 yr. old checklist and even a few things on the three yr old checklist. Now, some of those things are things like, asserts his own will and has temper tantrums. But others, like naming body parts and pointing to objects when I call them out are also "advanced" activities that Eddie does.

Yeah, I know I'm bragging. And I know that all kids develop at different rates. But I'm my son's mom. Doesn't that entitle me to automatic, extensive bragging rights and delusional thoughts about my son being the most famous genius doctor who comes up with a cure for cancer?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brag on girl. Life is a miracle and Eddie is a beautiful example of that.


2:40 PM


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