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A Day For The History Books

Or at least for the baby book.

My dear, sweet little boy was just full of surprises today. He's kind of left me wondering if that whack on the head maybe did some damage. LOL!

Poor thing, yesterday he was all snotty and yucky. Then while I was looking up the correct Dimetapp dosage for him the stinkin' coffee table jumped up and bit him right under his eye! Can you believe that? Our coffee table has always been well behaved. ;) So then the boy had a snotty nose and a HUGE, I mean HUGE welt and a nasty shiner under his eye. He was truly pathetic.

I gave him the Dimetapp and he drifted off. Of course, we had several nightwakings. I don't think those will EVER end. But the history making started way early. Too early, if you ask me.

My son, who happens to love his sleep (just like his daddy) and who very rarely wakes up before 9 AM (yes I know I am blessed -- I prayed for him to not be a morning person) decided to wake up at 6:50 AM!!! WHAT???!!! Up until today, I thought Eddie was unaffected by Daylight Savings Time. Reckon I was wrong.

We had planned to drive to Charlotte today to see Ed and to get our active duty military ID cards. I was really dreading taking my son (who did not sleep as long as normal and who had a snotty nose and a shiner and who absolutely DESPISES his carseat) all the way down to Charlotte. That's a good hour and a half drive -- if traffic isn't wonky. But it's Charlotte and the traffic is ALWAYS wonky.

Against my better judgement, I loaded the boy up and off we went. Do you know, the boy did not even fuss. AT ALL. I'm not joking. This is the same boy (I think) who gets mad when we get in the car to go to the grocery store that is 5 minutes away.

AND -- There was no traffic! Well, there was some, but this was NOT normal I-85 traffic. There were no accidents and no crazy drivers and no delays.

So all that was well and good and it made me very happy, but the true test would be seeing Eddie around Ed's co-workers and then, the dreaded drive home.

Uhhh... Eddie let Ed's superior (a woman who is about 38ish) hold him and walk with him and play with him. FOR AN HOUR!!!! Eddie does NOT like strangers. AT ALL. He is usually stuck right on my hip when new people are around.

So by this point, I am already shocked and awed by my little boy. I could tell he was getting tired and I knew traffic was gonna be hairy. I loaded the boy up and we set off, bound for home.

My little sweetheart is not one who just falls asleep. He is one of those kids that won't just cry it out for five minutes, then roll over and go to sleep. He will scream it out for 6 hours, then when you finally pick him up he falls asleep as soon as he hits your arms. And half the time, he even fights sleeping in your arms. I am so not kidding. That's why I have bags under my eyes.

Anyway. He was a little fussy when we first left. I knew he was tired and I figured I'd have to pull over somewhere to nurse him and let him nap. I thought I'd at least get as far away from Charlotte as possible though before I pulled over.

I got on 85 and started clicking along and I looked in the mirror only to see my boy's eyes drifting downward. NO WAY!!! The boy went to sleep without screaming, without nursing, without being held and IN HIS CARSEAT THAT HE HATES!!!!

I almost had to pull over because I thought I was going to pass out from shock. Seriously.

I tell ya, the boy never ceases to surprise me.


Blogger Maggie said...

Isn't it amazing when God gives you a blessing just when you need it? Glad your day went well and you got the things done that you needed to get done.

10:14 AM


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