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My Heart's Desire

Lindsey posted a link to this blog entry today. It kind of touches on what's been going on in my heart lately.

Let me begin by saying that I am Baptist because Baptists tend to line up (in my opinion) better with what Scripture teaches. I cannot be Catholic or Methodist or Lutheran or Pentecostal because of a variety of doctrinal differences.

I do not think it is wrong to say that you believe the doctrines you adhere to are right. Neither do I think it is wrong to hold friendly discussions on doctrines that can be debated. Some doctrines are FAR more important than others and it is a good thing to stand up for those doctrines and to not "give" in those areas.

That said, I am not naive enough to think that only Baptists are "saved" or that only Baptists love God or that Baptists are *always* theologically right.

I've never had a preference towards either traditional or contemporary church services. As long as people can sing "Victory in Jesus" with a little hope in their hearts and maybe a smile, I am happy. I think God can be worshipped TRULY in both types of services. I will say that irreverence does bother me. Again, that can be found in both types of services.

I don't care too much if the church members dress up or wear jeans. I think God says that we can come as we are. I am sure the woman at the well probably wasn't dressed appropriately. I think if we are Christians we will give our best to God. Period. If that's jeans and a nice shirt, then fine.

I guess what I am saying is that it's about the heart people. I think if a church's motives are numbers (money or people) there is a problem. If a church, however, is seeking to glorify God in all that it does, then He will be glorified.

I've been thinking about the church in Acts a lot lately. I think the new testament church is going to be my next study. I am willing to bet that the NT church was a far cry from anything we call church today.

Again, I'm not so naive as to think the NT church was without problems. I tend to think -- maybe hope -- that they were perhaps better at not majoring on the minor things of life. Know what I mean?

If they saw a need, they met it. I haven't read any rules about worship styles or attire. And they preached the Word of God and many were saved.

In recent years I've had the "pleasure" of visiting a variety of churches. I can honestly say that I've not ever been more discouraged about the state of the church universal as I am today. I had no idea the amount of infighting and bitterness that existed. And I've ONLY visited southern Baptist churches. Don't believe me? Take a look around the blogosphere.

I know no one church will be perfect. I know churches are made up of sinners saved by grace. But my heart's desire is to see the NT church as it was in Acts. Or better yet, as it was meant to be. Worshipping. Preaching. Teaching. Serving. Glorifying God. Somehow I have a feeling I won't see that until I get to the other side.


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Bev..wouldn't you know Pastor preached today on being the Acts New Testament type of church.

God is all over me right now. I can't seem to get away.

and, I talked to Paul. His head didn't spin as much as I thought it might! :)

12:52 PM


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