re·form: (r-fôrm) v. re·formed, re·form·ing, re·forms v. tr. 1. To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition. 2. To cause (a person) to give up harmful or immoral practices; persuade to adopt a better way of life.
ma·ma or mam·ma also mom·ma: n. (also m-mä) Informal. Mother.


Sad Day

A few days ago I posted about my Aunt Karen and my Uncle Roger. Although they divorced long before I was born, they remained the best of friends and I truly don't think my uncle ever stopped loving Aunt Karen.

That post was prompted because a week ago this past Thursday my Aunt Karen had three successive heart attacks. She was deprived of oxygen for an extended amount of time. She was left comatose and on life support. She had a DNR order, but neither her children nor her husband could bring themselves to take her off life support so soon after her heart attacks.

Today, they honored her wishes and had the doctors remove the life support machines. Aunt Karen passed very soon afterwards.

My family is very scattered and we are not all that close, emotionally speaking. While I am sad that my aunt is no longer here, I am more concerned about her children, her ex-husband Roger (my uncle) and her widow, Rusty. Please pray for them.


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