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Days 5, 6, 7, & 8: He's just amazing!

Okay, since I obviously lack the sticktiutiveness to do any consecutive posting, I am just gonna post the rest of my list of Ed things in one giant post here.

Day 5: He's a provider. The entire time that we've been married Ed has only asked me to work when he was in school trying to better his career opportunities so that he could provide a better living for us.

When Eddie was born, I was trying to still work and visit my son at the hospital. (Yeah, I know that was stupid). Ed saked me to quit. I didn't listen, but he did ask. He was still a full-time student at the time, but he took a job delivering pizza so that we would be provided for.

As a side note... I didn't listen to my husband about quitting my job, so what happened? My freelance opportunities died with my computer and my remote connection to my computer at my regular job failed -- completely. Coincidence? I think not.

Always listen to your hubby!

Day 6: He's Our Spiritual Leader. When Ed and I were just *newly* dating I remember specifically asking God to let me know if Ed could be a spiritual leader of a family. See, I am rather independent and I knew I needed someone who could pull me in and help me not be the boss of everything.

A day or so later Ed and I went to a movie. While we were in the car on the way back, with no prompting from me, Ed said, "I really want to be a strong spiritual leader for my family..." I really don't remember much of what he said after that because for some silly reason I was in shock that God had actually answered my prayer. (Yeah, my faith was weak.)

Since then I've learned to submit to Ed more fully and he's grown as the leader of our home. Submission is not an easy thing for me -- and it's really not easy when it comes to spiritual matters. I mean afterall, I am the one with the seminary degree, not him. BUT STILL, God has ordered that Ed be the leader of our home. Ed fulfills his role. That glorifies God. That makes me want to submit to my husband. That makes it easier for me to accept him as the leader of our home.

Day 7: He's Giving. Giving of material items is not one of my better abilities -- not usually. It's not so much that I want to take, just that giving is not something that comes as second nature to me. Ed is completely the opposite.

He'll probably shoot me when he reads this, but really, he's the most giving person I know.

Again, let me tell you about when we were dating. I won't mention the NUMEROUS times he fixed my little broke down car. I won't mention the earrings he gave me or the care packages he sent to me while I was in school. I'll just mention one thing; tuition assistance.

The seminary I attended did not take student loans and was not eligible for pell grants and the like. Money was given to a general fund by various people and that scholarship money wsa divided up among people who needed it and who maintained a decent GPA. I was the recipient of that every semester while I wsa in school, but it was only about $300 per semester usually. $300 doesn't cover much. So I worked three jobs and went to school full time. I was very tired.

One semester I received a notice that I had been awarded an anonymous scholarship of $1000. I was completely dumbfounded. That sort of stuff just doesn't happen to me. I had no idea who my benefactor was -- at least not at first.

Ed, bless his heart, had tried to be quiet about the scholarship and he was doing a great job. He can keep a secret like nobody's business. However, I worked in the public relations office and had a lot of dealings with the office of financial development. Long story short, Ed couldn't hide that he'd given me the scholarship.

Since we've been married I've seen Ed give numerous items to others. I've listened as he reasoned with me as to why we should give more money to my parents. I've listened as he's shared how he wishes he could give more to help so many people.

What a blessing to know that your husband is so concerned about the well-being of others.

Day 8: He Makes Pretty Babies. Okay, we only have one child, but honestly, Eddie is about the cutest little boy that ever walked the Earth (i'm not biased or anything).

Considering that Eddie looks and acts just like his dad, I can't take any credit for Eddie being so stinkin' cute. I mean really...


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