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Not Running Scared

No doubt you've heard about the thwarted terrorist plan to blow up planes.

Our terror alert system has been upgraded to "Ernie" (orange). Ya know, aside from them being more stringent at airports and at the military bases, I really have no clue what the point of this color code system is for the general public.

We can no longer take a bottle of water on a plane. We must drink our baby's formula to prove that it's formula. We can't even carry a small carry-on bag anymore. Guess that means we should carry our tampons, diapers and our breast pads in our hands.

But this is the land of the free?!

I'm sorry, but I do not intend to live in fear. Stopping thirsty passengers from taking their water on the plane will not stop terrorists. Searching little old ladies and taking their finger nail files or their knitting needles won't stop the terrorists. Continuing to strip our freedoms as Americans and invading our privacy in the name of safety will not stop the terrorists. It may make a few Americans a little upset though.

Yes, keep tabs on KNOWN terrorists. Be alert and pay attention. But don't take away the very thing that the terrorists are trying to take away.

When the govt. intervenes as it has, it is doing precisely what the terrorists desire; making our country like theirs. That can NOT be a good thing.


Blogger dr_bristow said...

Yes it can be a bit ridiculous. I heard a news story about a woman who wasn't allowed to bring her baby's Desitin diaper creme on the plane today!

12:59 AM

Blogger stitchingpooh said...

Okay I am little but not old. They can have my knitting needles when they pry them out of my cold dead hands.

4:32 AM

Blogger Bob Cleveland said...

I travel a fair amount and I used to travel a lot, and my younger son travels a LOT. (When he gets on a US Airways plane, the pilot comes out and introduces himself to him...). If they have to overreact to keep me safe, then so be it.

Tracking known terrorists won't get it. They aren't terrorists that are known, until they blow something up, and I don't want them to get their first bite.

I have an titanium knee. I get all the stuff done to me, and I don't mind it, and I really appreciate it when I climb off the plane at the other end of the trip.

Pooh: you don't have to give up the needles, nor do they have to let you on the plane.

Sorry for the rant. But God's chosen nation's own airline is the tightest there is on security and they've never had an incident. More power to them.

12:07 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

hi pooh, laney and bob.

i'm gonna expand on this in my next post.

5:01 PM


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