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Such A Nerd

I am a complete nerd. I have to KNOW as much as I can about any given subject, well except for physics and mechanics.

Ed can tell you that I have literally cried when he has tried to explain how a plane flies or how an engine works or air lift. Those things make absolutely NO sense to me. I get frustrated and I cry. Pathetic, huh?

BUT give me poetry, a classic novel, medical information, a phonebook or even a dictionary to read and I will gobble it up. Sometimes, even just knowing what's around me and what resources I have available -- even if I may never ever need them -- is enough to send me on a mission.

Today I went on one such mission.

While I am concerned that if I ever get pregnant again I could have to deal with pre-term labor and another NICU baby, I do usually try to think positively. I try to reassure myself that there was no medical reason for the difficulties I had last time, so therefore they will not happen again.

But, that concern is always in the back of my mind.

Couple that with the INSANE baby fever that I have right now and I had no choice but to find out where the nearest NICUs are located. Our city's hospital doesn't have one. Lucky me. I discovered that the cities immediately to the west and to the east of where I live both have lare NICU facilities.

To the east there is Women's Hospital with a 37-bed NICU facility. This is a level III NICU. When we were in FL we were in a level II NICU.

To the west there is Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, which happens to be affiliated with Brenner's Children's Hospital. Brenner's is a level IV NICU -- that's the highest level of care available.

That puts my mind at ease -- not that we will be needing the NICU again -- just knowing that I won't have to drive for two hours each way every time I want to see any child that I could have that could possibly end up a NICU baby.

See. Pathetic, right?


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Brenner is awesome; we've been there done that with Marcy and we highly recommend them IF you need their services. I've heard Forsyth is good too...maybe if you do find yourself with child you can get an OB/midwife over in WS closer to Forsyth so you'll be guaranteed delivery there and won't have to be flown over from HP hospital in the event of an emergency.

I have several friends who delivered preemies at Forsyth and loved their NICU and never needed Brenner.

6:02 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

good to know forsyth has a nicu. :)

i was born at forsyth.

11:28 PM


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