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ma·ma or mam·ma also mom·ma: n. (also m-mä) Informal. Mother.


What Happened to My Summer?

Ummm... it's August and my air conditioner has been off since yesterday and it only got to 70 degrees inside today. WHAT happened to my summer?

The other day, when it was still incredibly hot outside, I noticed some of the leaves had already started to fall off of a few trees. It kind of made me happy.

The change of the seasons is better than any actual season; well except for when it's changing from fall to winter. Winter is just no fun.

But when winter changes to spring
and you can see little sprigs of green popping out here and there
and every now and then you hear the a bird singing...
Or when spring changes to summer
and you can smell the fresh cut grass (then sneeze)
and the lightening bugs come out
and days go on forever
and fresh fruits and veggies absolutely delight your tastebuds...
Or my favorite...
when the days start to shrink ever so slightly
and the wind feels just a tiny bit different
and the sunsets look different -- more colorful
and there is a crispness in the evening that warns you that winter is not long off
and every now and then you catch a whiff of a fireplace...

Ahhh... it's Heaven!

I realize it's a bit too early to be excited about the change of this season, but the unseasonably cool weather has me excited.

Perhaps this fall we will get to go to the mountains to pick fresh apples and drink fresh cider. I know I am looking forward to the fresh sausage and ham (even more evidence that I am a southerner). I hold hope that with the change of seasons will come easier times for us and for many of our friends.

And I hope that winter never gets here.;)


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