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Eddie's Par-Tay

Eddie's party was a blast. About 15 people were here (in my TINY apartment).

I ordered 8 large pizzas because I was expecting more people. I had 4 pizzas left at the end of the party. YIKES. Guess what I had for breakfast. lol!

I showed Eddie's video and everyone loved it. I have to make sure the link in my last post is working so you can see it too.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Eddie while my dad's wife held him. He stuck his hands on the edge of the cake and then licked his fingers. He wasn't quite sure what to make of the frosting though. Ed shared his cake with Eddie, so he didn't even get to really enjoy his first cake by making a complete mess. :)

Then we opened presents.

I had specified on the invitations that no gifts were necessary. We really did not want people bringing gifts; we just wanted to celebrate and hang out with people we love. Of course, no one listened. Eddie made out like a bandit. I hope that doesn't sound bad -- I was just amazed by all the stuff people bought him.

My grandma gave him this v-tech apple shaped thingy that lights up and sings the "ABC" song. I think that's his new favorite toy. She also gave him a pack with a shape sorter, stacking rings andstacking cups in it. We need to return that though -- he doesn't need two of those.

My dad and his wife gave him a $25 Target gift card.

My brother gave him a $25 gift card.

My cousin Amy gave him a cute outfit.

My Aunt Tami and her family gave him another cute outfit.

My Uncle Dwight gave him one fo those walker thingys that he can also ride on. I need to return that as well -- he already has the Fisher Price Hippo walker thingy ($4 thrift store find).

My friend Bev gave him an American Express gift card.

My friends Ronnie and Charlene gave him $50.

My cousin Kerri gave him a Little People dumptruck.

My brother-in-law Paul gave him a walker thingy that has all sorts of little toys ont he front of it. He opened it already and Eddie loves it so we will be keeping that walker. lol!

Ed and I gave him a little dog that is a combo xylophone and piano, a CAT dumptruck and some MegaBlocks.

This morning I checked my email and one of my online friend sent Eddie an gift card.

Now I just have to figure out where to put everything. lol!! I have no idea what to spend the gift cards on. I suppose I could buy diapers with them, but that's no fun. :)

In short, the party was a blast and we were/are very blessed by everyone's generousity.


Blogger Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Note to self: invite Bev & Ronnie & Charlene to all our kids parties LOL :)

Birthdays ARE FOR SPOILING! :) Enjoy it Eddie!

10:27 PM

Blogger dr_bristow said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! He is so adorable! I really like your blog. Have a great week, and God bless!

11:35 PM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

lindsey -- charlene is gonna kill me now. ha! actually, she said part of it was my birthday presen and part was eddie's b-day present.

thanks laney for droppin' by.

6:42 PM

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