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Let ME Be The Mom!!!


I love my grandma dearly, but she is a pistol. She doesn't hesitate a second to tell you what she thinks you are doing wrong. Yesterday she had a mouth full for me.

I was saying something about Ed's job situation, but that he has options. She immediately said, "Well, you may just have to put that baby in daycare and get yourself a job." She thinks it's horrible that I have an education and am "not using it."

I replied, "I WILL NOT!"

Of course then she brought up that you don't always have options and stuff. I told her that if things got really bad and I absolutely HAD to go back to work, I would, but that things aren't that bad. I should have reminded her that daycare would eat up any income I made anyway.

I also (this is one good thing about having a preemie) told her that daycare is a hotbed for germs and illnesses that Eddie is more susceptible to. Bad idea to mention that.

She said, "Well, if you'd let him get his shots that wouldn't be a problem." Nevermind that the illnesses that they have vaxes for are not necessarily the problem -- except for RSV. I told her that I don't feel safe giving Eddie the vaxes just yet -- if ever. Of course, then she promptly reminded me that he can't go to school without his shots. Can I just say that I hate it when people call vaxes "shots" -- to me it makes me think of animals and the shots they have to have.

Boy, when I told grandma (for about the thousandth time) I was gonna homeschool you should have seen her face. She tightened her lips and got this look of absolute disgust on her face -- like I was just gonna completely damage *MY* son.

Like I said, I love my grandma. But, I am Eddie's mom. I am open to useful information, but I am not open to someone looking down on me because I choose to parent MY son in the way I believe will most benefit him. And, I happen to be one of *those* people who will do something just to prove you wrong. So, now my plan to homeschool and not vax and all that jazz is really set in stone. There will be no changing my mind.


Of course, yesterday's discussion only made my decision to nurse Eddie *discreetly* at the reunion without hiding in the bathroom much easier. I'm stuborn like that -- it's a trait I inherited from none other than dear old grandma. LOL!


Blogger Carrie said...

Shots! That gave me a giggle.

I think I have actually said that b/c that is what we called them when I was a kid, but it does remind me of the vet.

7:05 AM


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