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Because I HAVE To...

Sorry, I know this is a little bit late, but the past two days have been busy.

I have to comment on John Kerry's comments.

I didn't hear the entire speech, but the part I heard on the radio ticked me off on many levels: ~that the military is dumb,
~that you're nothing if you don't get a college education,
~that the only intelligence is that given by books and classrooms,
~and that the only way to get ahead in life is to have a college education.

I'm not even going to bother addressing the last three issues.

I don't *really* care that Mr. Kerry (thank God that's not President Kerry) doesn't agree with the war in Iraq.

I don't *really* care about Mr. Kerry's rubbish implying that the War in Iraq is another Vietnam, except that comments by people like him about our military are making this war more like Vietnam than anything that's actually taking place in Iraq.

And I *REALLY* don't care to hear excuses for Mr. Kerry's inexcusable remarks regarding our military.

Honestly, aside from hoping that Kerry comes to know Christ if he doesn't already, I don't *really* care much for him.

HOWEVER, I do take personal offense when someone indicates that my husband is unintelligent, crazy, uneducated or of poor character. I suppose that makes me crazy, at least according to Kerry, since I was offended by his stupid remarks.

Doesn't Scripture say something about, "Out of the heart the mouth speaks"? I am guessing that even though Kerry claims his comments were a failed joke, he at least believes a little bit of what he said -- that only the uneducated end up in the military.

What does that say about him, didn't he serve? Was he "uneducated" or "unintelligent" during the time that he VOLUNTARILY signed up to serve in Vietnam? If that's the case, then how come he used his service in Vietnam in his campaign last election?

I would think that, of all people, Kerry, who experienced firsthand the treatment from the anti-war crowd when he returned from Vietnam, he should know how that feels. And he should know that statements like his are only going to damage the morale of the troops.

While these comments bother me to no end, I am sort of glad that he made them. He has shown his true colors. Perhaps if he keeps talking, he will completely ruin any chances he may have for winning a presidential election. I can only hope. Goodness knows I would not want my husband to have to serve under kerry as commander-in-chief.


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