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Some Humor

While we were on vacation I noticed some things about living out west. There are certain requirements and these requirements are a bit comical to this southerner. I htought I'd share.

Western Requirements:
1. You must own a BIG American truck. Toyotas are unacceptable and wimpy. Cars are for yuppies.

2. You must own at least two horses and these horses must be better cared for than your house. Don't believe me? Just visit Jamestown or Green River, WY.

3. You must own an RV or a camper. At some point, this will become your main home. You will travel the countryside, never leaving Wyoming, and then decide to park your home for good someplace in the middle of nowhere.

4. Everyone wears a cowboy hat. Even the women wear 'em.

5. Along with the hat goes boots. You can't very well survive for long if you aren't wearing boots that protect your ankles from such things as scorpions and rattle snakes.

6. Guns, Guns and Guns. Everyone has at least one. And everyone has a gunrack in their truck or on their four wheeler. Seriously. Why? Because there's no tellin' when you might come into contact with an angry bear or when the Wyoming Car and Truck dealership may run a contest asking you to bring in your trophy buck. The prize for winning that contest was another gun. Seriously. I heard it on the radio.

7. You must wear Wrangler jeans. They are cheaper there than they are here, even though they are made here. That's supply and demand for you.

8. There are no democrats there. Democrats are shot on site (yet another reason for having a gun at all times). JUST KIDDING -- sort of. I really only saw signs and stickers that supported conservative things though.

9. You must have a ponytail, a mullet or both. Don't believe me? Just ask my brother-in-law who had one until he moved out here. HA HA!

So that sums up the great out west for ya. It's a pretty place, but it's another world altogether.


Anonymous Lindsey @ Enjoy the Journey said...

Hmm, I think I could fit in. :)

9:33 PM


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