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The Trouble With Eddie

is that he's getting smarter.

I never thought that I would say that my son's increasing knowledge would be a problem, but here I am saying just that.

He's discovered how to turn of the lights and flush the toilet. He can drink just unassisted from a regular cup without spilling his dring and he can empty the dog dish. His faorite new discovery though appears to be hiding his food. I'm proud of him for mastering the drinking thing. And the lights, flushing and dog dish don't bother me nearly as much as hiding his food. I think he thinks he's Houdini with his little food disappearing act.

It's quite entertaining to watch, the first few times. Then it gets old. He will act like he's gonna eat something and he even puts his hand and the piece of food in his mouth. Then, suddenly he's got his hand behind his ear. 1-2-3 Presto Change-o no more food.

Unfortunately for Eddie he's not perfected his magic trick yet. I've discovered the secret to his "magic" and I am not impressed. I usually find food smashed into the side of his head or on that side of the high chair. Bless his heart.

That's not his only "magic" trick involving food either. He can have a Cheerio in his hand, pretend he's gonna feed the Cheerio to me, then pretend he's gonna eat the same Cheerio and then suddenly the Cheerio is gone. and the dog comes running over to the high chair.

Eddie thinks I'm not smart enough to figure out what he's doing. So far he hasn't fooled me, but I fear the day is fast approaching when my son will be smarter than I am and I suspect he'll use that at least a time or two to his advantage. Bless his heart. Or should I say, "God help me"?


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