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Falling into Fall

I like fall. It's a nice time of year.

I get to eat good, hearty meals like chicken 'n dumplins and beef stew and I get to drink hot cocoa, hot tea and wassail. The leaves change colors. People seem nicer. The bees that I am sooooo allergic to disappear. And on and on and on.

It's just a nice time of year.

Except for one thing.


I happen to be one of the lucky people who, as my doctor so kindly put it, "is allergic to NC." Seriously, when he did the scratch test where he stuck me 57 times in my back and 20 times in each arm, every single stick swelled, indicating that I truly am allergic to everything that grows here in NC.

Loverly. Just loverly.

But nothing is blooming in fall, right? Everything is dying off, so there shouldn't be a problem, right?

Yeah, I wish. All that stuff that's dying is falling off and breaking into tiny little particles that the dry air is carrying right up my nose. GRRRR!!!!

So today I've walked around with a tissue covering my nose to try and prevent inhaling anymore allergens. I've run to the other room while Eddie was napping so that my sneezes didn't wake him. My teeth hurt because my sinuses hurt because of the dry air.

In short, I feel like dog mess. Not a good feeling at all.

And none of the prescription allergy drugs help me... at all. The OTC stuff like Benadryl only knocks me out for like two days. Can't do that with a 1 yr old. So, I get to tough it out. Joy Joy!

Just thought I'd share that, in case you were wondering how my day was. :)


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