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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Or does it? I dunno.

Today was Apple Day at the local Farmer's Market. I was there too early to enjoy the festivities, but I did get to watch them setting all the apple samples and the DJ and all that stuff.

Even if I had been there later in the day when the festivities were going on, I doubt I would have stopped to enjoy them. I wsa on a mission today. I needed to find the cloudiest, darkest, most local-to-me honey that was there. I think I succeeded.

The past three days have been horrible for me. If you have seasonal allergies, then you can relate. If you don't consider yourself blessed. Everytime I've so much as thought about going outside my nose has gotten that itchy-think-I'm-gonna-sneeze feeling. That, of course, causes my eyes to water. Then I sneeze two or twelve times. Then my nose feels stuffy, but it's runny. And my sinuses hurt so bad that my teeth hurt.

I've been walking around with a tissue over my face as a preventive measure for three days now. I am over it.

Lucky me though, prescription drugs don't do diddly and the OTC stuff just makes me too sleepy to handle a one year old (plus I am still nursing). I've tried allergy shots before. Twice. They will only give me the shots for my bee allergy because that one is actually deadly. Nevermind that I can avoid bees but I can't avoid pollen and such. And who wants to go for a shot once a week? Really?

So I've decided to go the more natural route. Honey. I like honey. It's yummy on a hot buttery biscuit or in hot tea or on a Bugle corn chip or in oatmeal or by itself. It doesn't hurt and I know that all that's in the honey is, well, honey. No drugs, no wonky chemicals or anything. I don't have to pay the doctor and I don't have to sit in the doctor's office waiting to show them that I had no reaction to what they injected me with. And did I mention it tastes yummalicious?

My goal is to eat at least a tablespoon of honey each day. That should "bee" easy enough.


Anonymous Lindsey @ Enjoy the journey said...

I buy my honey from Creason's farm at the first place on your right as you come into the market. He is about 90 years old! His honey is real good.

I hope you feel better.

5:54 PM


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