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What a Day

Ed woke me up bright and early today. He wwanted to drive down to SC so we could scope out where our new home will be.

Now, I'll be honest. I absolutely am NOT one for being up bright and early and I am certainly not one for wanting to spend all day in the car to go look around an area and drive back. But, I did it because Ed wanted to. Do I get brownies for that (no need for the points, just the brownies, thank you)?

The drive to where we will be living near Shaw Air Force Base was not bad. It only took us about three hours.

Apparently SC is a Baptist state. Every church we saw (and we saw a LOT of them) was Baptist. They all had cemetaries on their property too. That was weird. But, maybe we won't have a hard time finding a church.

We'll be in Sumter, SC (not really, but close enough). It's a very flat, rural area. There is a city there, but it's not much to speak of. People don't use their blinkers and they just pull right out in front of you with no warning. But I still kinda liked the area.

I typically like very hilly, green, slow, backwoods, mountain areas. BUT there was something that appealed to me about the area just northwest of the base.

Ed liked that we saw SEVERAL gun shops and lots of carwashes. Of course, he wasn't so thrilled when he learned that the reason for the carwashes was the dirt roads that are everywhere. :)

We will actually be in between Sumter proper and Columbia. That works out well. Sumter is close enough to do shopping and Columbia has a nice hospital with a good NICU (not that I'll need it). Columbia also has a cool zoo and my politician uncle, so...

Looks like the end of October is when we make our move. Yahoo!!!


Blogger Glenn & Dianne said...

I can't belive you guys are moving to the Sumter area! My uncle was stationed at that base for 4 years. I know that area like the back of my hand! It is really great, and I am sure you will have a good time there.

3:27 AM


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