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SC, Here We Come

Ed's deployment to SC starts in October. We'll be moving to SC soon!

We are hoping that Ed iwll get off-base housing. Financially, that's a better deal for us. Just him being active duty is a good move financially speaking. We'll have a regular paycheck. He's getting promoted soon which means more money. We'll have health insurance for almost no $$ to us.

So... while I hate to move AGAIN, I know it's a good thing right now.

And, as much as I hate to admit it... NC has been different this time around. Harder. It's still a great place to live. Don't get me wrong. It's just not like I remembered it.

My friends I used to be close with are not as close anymore. I have a son now, so I can't be as involved with stuff as I like to be. And I am as much of a hermit here as I was in FL because I don't wanna bother anyone.

I reckon I can be a hermit anywhere. Just don't make me go back to FL, okay?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NC AND SC aren't too far! so you can come visit! And blog land will keep us all in touch. I just have to see how Eddie is growing!

Bev...don't take this the wrong way but I've had friendships that seemed strong, then fade, then seem to be reuninted and each time I was a little disappointed. I think it was because I put these people/friendships on a pedestal...and in the end, we're all sinful and selfish.

I wish you an easy move...I don't know how you do it girl!!!!

8:26 AM

Blogger Reformed Mama said...

i totally did NOT take that comment in a bad way. :) I realize now that's what I did.

it was super easy to put NC and reavis and my friends here on a pedestal when i was in FL where i had NO one, know what i mean?

and i think most of the changes came because my friends are older and they don't have babies at home anymore.

10:10 AM


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