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Day One: He's HOT!

Today I am going to celebrate my honey's hottness. To be honest, it's what initailly attracted me to him.

The first time I laid eyes on Ed was in a bar. I was out on the dance floor and as soon as he walked in, he caught my eye. It really was like one of those scenes from some cheesy movie where all of a sudden one person sees another walk in and everything goes to slow motion and "love" music starts playing in the background.

I can't say it was love at that point, but it definitely was lust at first sight. He was wearing his cowboy hat, a white button-down shirt and a black vest with his TIGHT wrangler jeans. (It's a wonder we have a child, those jeans were *that* tight). I'll just say that his features were nicely accentuated. ;)

He chose a seat near the dance floor and I just *had* to go dance near him, he was THAT hot. Yes, I was lusting BIG TIME.

That's how we began our friendship -- with lust. Over the course of the next year or so our friendship developed even more. Thank God. It was almost a year after that initial meeting that Ed invited me to go jet-skiing with his brother and best friend. I accepted the invitation, hoping that something more would FINALLY come of this friendship.

See, I'd been longing for Ed to be mine for a whole year now. I knew he had some feelings that way too, but neither of us would act on them. So we remained "friends."

Anyway... I showed up at his house bright and early on the morning of July 3, 1999. I had no idea what awaited me. Imagine my shock when Ed answered his door wearing only his swim trunks. Yeah, I almost had to leave. The lust factor was just about too much for this girl to handle.

I decided to stay though and Ed decided to torture me further by proceeding to finish his morning stretches and push ups right in front of me. The rest of the day consisted of me just wallowing in the sin of lust and ended with Ed rubbing my feet because I was his "friend." It was a really hard day.

Obviously, we finally did move past the "friend" stage. The lust never left though, not while we were dating, not after we got engaged and really, it hasn't left since we were married a little over four years ago. We are both a little older now and I've got my sags and wrinkles, but he's still just as hot as he was back then -- especially when he's got his uniform on. Hubba Hubba.

So that's day one of why I love my Ed.

Why do you love your hubby?


Blogger Crystal said...

Thanks for the chuckle!!

I love my hubby for his hotness as well. (I miss his days in uniform - US Army!)

2:08 AM


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