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Nine Days of Ed

I am tpically anti-Valentine's Day. I really really hate the color pink. I am not a big fan of cheesy hearts and cupids. And I don't understand WHY in the world people choose to get all ushy-gushy simply because the date is Feb. 14.

If you're gonna be ushy-gushy, be true to yourself and do it all year around. Know what I mean?

I've always been like this. I am not some scorned lover who just refuses to be happy or any of that mess. I just don't like Valentine's Day.

People have tried to convince me to come to the "pink side" and at least wear red on V-Day. My college pal Jen who also was a resident assistant on the same staff as I was decided she would break me of my anti-V-Day attitude. Since she was a resident assistant, she had a key to my room. While I was in class she broke in and made my dorm room look like cupid had exploded. There were pink and red hearts, streamers and balloons EVERYWHERE!

Now, on some level, I did appreciate the sentiment, but seriously there was way too much pink.

Ed has even tried to break me of my anti-V-Day attitude. When we were friends, before we started dating, he decided to take me to dinner on Valentine's Day. He even showed up at my apartment with three red roses. The evening wsa going great until he said, "It's so nice to have a good FRIEND to be able to go to dinner with."

Yeah, I wasn't convinced by THAT to come to the pink side either.

All that said, everyone is all ushy-gushy already this year. And I have absolutely been blessed with the love of my life; Ed. He truly is amazing. So, while I am NOT joining the pink side, I have decided that each day for the next several days... up until the "Pink Day," share with you reasons why I am completely and absolutely smitten by my husband. Maybe that's too mushy for some of you or perhaps too personal. That's okay. I should sing my hubby's praises, whether anyone reads or not. I will keep my posts PG-13 rated and I can assure you that I will be sharing quite a few funny stories. So, if you know me in real life, you may want to read up so you can have something to blackmail Ed with shoudl you ever need to resort to that.


Blogger Crystal said...

I'm not a V-Day lover either! (Though I'd never turn down a box of chocolates or some flowers... haaha)

Your idea is sweet though. It's good to see someone "smitten" by their spouse.

2:06 AM


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