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Day Two: He's My Friend

I completely admit that by the end of the first year I knew Ed (from July, 1998- August, 1999) I seriously was fed up with the whole "friend" gig.

We hung out OFTEN. He took me to dinner and brought me roses. He rubbed my feet and fixed my car. All because he was my friend. I longed for more and I am pretty sure he did too.

See, in Jan. of 1999 there was an ice storm. That night I called to talk to Ed, but my brother-in-law, Paul, answered the phone instead. So, I was friendly and spent a long time -- like an hour or so -- talking to Paul. Ed didn't want to talk that night. At least that's what Paul told me.

About a week later Ed stopped by my apartment to return some CDs he had borrowed. Then he proceeded to "break up" with me even though we were just "friends." He told me that he liked me too much and that he just couldn't deal with that right then. Then, he left and I stood in my livingroom completely confused and heartbroken.

Me being all persistant and what-not, I couldn't just leave things be so I did what any self-respecting weenie would do. I wrote him a letter explaining that I felt the same way and I didn't think he was being fair. Of course, I have such a way with words that Ed just had to call me.

And we continued being friends for another LONG 6 or 7 months. While that was annoying as all get out, I have to say that I truly do appreciate that time that we spent building our friendship.

Ed's the only person I've ever been close to for longer than two years. He's the one I tell all my secrets to. He's been there when I've been at about my lowest point and he's seen me at my happiest point. He even watched me give birth after being on hospital bedrest for several days (read: no shower) and he still likes me.

So now, even though our "friendship" nearly caused me to lose my mind 7 or so years ago, it is now what saves my sanity on long hard days.


Blogger Crystal said...

I'm married to my best friend. Although, our friendship developed the most sort of after we fell in love. We were in a long distance relationship, so we spent lots of time just communicating and getting to know everything about one another.

Even then though, he still surprises me. Just this week I learned he doesn't care too much for citrus fruit. This after over 6 years of marriage and eating citrus fruit together! LOL

2:11 AM


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