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Can't Resist

I know it's been a while and all, but I really can't resist just spewing right now, so pardon me while I do just that.

I will say that I can appreciate the fact that America apparently (because it isn't *quite* over yet) elected its first black president. That is historically significant and should be noted.

However, I have to wonder how much of Obama's voted was spurred on simply because of race. In other words, how many people voted for him simply because his skin color was the same? I don't know, nor do I pretend to know. I'd like to though.

That's a minor blip on my list of questions and concerns regarding the outcome of this election though. A really minor blip.

I'd venture to guess that every last one of our founding fathers rolled right over in their graves tonight. We've elected a president who has said openly that he hopes to tax the coal industry (an industry by which thousands of people support their families) into oblivion. We've elected a man who has decided that it's a wonderful thing to take hard-earned money and give it away as he sees fit. We've elected a man who allows members of the PLO into his home to watch his children. We've elected a man who support abortion and even said that he hopes the option is available for his daughters should they make a "mistake." We've elected a man who wants to make union votes public and who would not mind extending that to political votes as well. By the way, he'd like all industry to be unionized. We've elected a man who thinks our schools should be teaching very young children about sex, as opposed to the parents teaching their own children about sex.

We have no checks and balances anymore. There is a democratic majority in the Senate and the House and we have a democratic President. Does anyone else not see that as a problem? Doesn't anyone else supect that the rights and beliefs of those of us who are right of center wil be trampled on and that we will be censored?

What is coming? Really? What have we signed up for? How long will it be before homeschooling is not an option? How long before we are experiencing a Harrison Bergeron life?

What is so bad about celebrating our individuality and differences -- even if those differences are financial or intellectual?

I saw a little blurb tonight where someone was interviewing Oprah. She's not my favorite person. I don't particularly dislike her, but I think her spiritual mumbo jumbo is a little out there. Anyway... she said that we have all been brought together in the name of hope. That's a nice idea, but sorry Oprah, my hope does not come from Barrack Obama.

My hope comes from Jesus Christ alone. That is the one thing that gives me solace right now. Jesus is stil on the throne. Praise HIM!

The other thing that Oprah said that kinda hit me was, "...There's a wonderful Bible passage that says, "what does it do to gain the world and lose your soul?" And I knew that in this moment in time, in my lifetime, I would have lost a piece of my soul had I not stood up for him..."

NO Oprah, who you support in a political election does NOT determine whether or not you lose you soul. That is a very poor understanding of Scripture.

Again though, my HOPE is in Christ and in his apparently very quick return.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

very right indeed! aaron reminded me of some scripture about hope last night. i didn't think the outcome would bother me as much as it did.... i literally was sick to my stomach. but Jesus is my hope...and this election may mean we'll meet Him sooner rather than later! =) jen berning

7:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with both of you...Jesus' return is right around the corner and my hope is in Him alone. I too am disturbed by the election results and was also sick to my stomach. Thankfully, we serve a risen savior who is always in control! :) Jen H

8:26 AM

Blogger Charlene said...

I agree completely! I'm mourning right now, but I'm trying to remind myself that God still sits on the throne. He may not (!!) like what happened, but he's not surprised by it.

12:14 PM

Blogger Debbies Doodle said...

I agree....

10:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You lost the election. The majority supported Obama not just because of race. What righ do parents be able to hide the realities of Sex from their children? Teen pregnancy seems to indicate that it happens anyway.

I like the majority of people support a woman's right to choose abortion and that you don't have the right to dictate your ethics to me. Christianity has historically supported abortion. Prior to the 19th Century the catholic chuch didn't think a soul could penetrate the womb. Christians are still divided on this.

Although lastly on the PLO I totally agree. The PLO has been undermining peace in Palestine lately by not fighting for justice for the Palestinian people and continuing to allow Israel to build their illegal (under international law) settlments in the West Bank. Really Israel should be made to withdraw to the 1967 boarders and allow for a Palestinian State.

You may disagree with my views but people like me spoke and won. Lastly how can you talk about home schooling being a good thing for children. Don't you think children should be exposed to different views and make up their own minds about things or do you think they should be indoctrinated? Maybe if you sent your kids to a normal school they would convince others of your view. Maybe they would be convinced the other way but you can't really have a solid argument if you are scared that when given a choice young people won't be convinced by your perspective.

6:25 PM


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